Marcia Dadds, MS, RDN
 Practicing "competent " eating habits can ensure the likelihood of your success. 
I am your behavior change support system and biggest cheerleader. We work together to discover how you can perform at your best!! 

  • My philosophy is one of empowerment.
  • My approach to nutrition and fitness is to design individualized programs. 
  • My passion is to facilitate improvement or heal your relationship with food.


Changing your eating or exercise habits can be challenging at times. We may or may not know what to do, but often need assistance getting organized or started. Successful people quite often perform their best because they had a mentor or a coach.  I believe that the positive changes that you make in your daily life can have major benefits to your health, spirit, mind, and body.  I’m there to remind you how great you are and how well you are doing.  I believe in your success sometimes even more than you do!

I provide you with the “how to” knowledge and a supportive environment so you can take the steps necessary to achieve your goals. 

Together we discover, identify and determine personalized nutrition and fitness goals.